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Gomi the English Bulldog

An extremely special Sticker Pack tribute designed by creative artist Danny Kim, one of the owners to their beloved English Bulldog pup named “Gomi” (Gō-mē), who unfortunately passed away at the age of eight and a half, after undergoing a difficult battle with lymphoma. He will be forever missed by his two loving parents.

Please support this special heartfelt dedication by downloading it from the App Store today, and letting Gomi be a part of your texting lives. Thank you so much for your love & support!


“Remembering one of the greatest dogs to ever live”


Source of Inspiration 


Jessica Kim miraculously came across Gomi roaming the chaotic streets of South Korea all alone at just 7-8 weeks old, as if as though fate had somehow brought the two of them together. Without any hesitation, Gomi was welcomed into a loving home. 3 years later, (with the help of his mother) Gomi would find himself with the challenge of having to muster up enough courage to fly the friendly skies on a plane bound for Chicago, IL, where he spent the rest of his eight and a half years chasing after millions of balls (his favorite toy).

Unfortunately, after going through an extremely difficult six-month battle with lymphoma, Gomi passed away. It goes without say that Gomi’s love for his parents was unsurpassable, and will forever be missed by his two loving parents.

Mooncake the Ragdoll

(Coming Soon)

A whimsically filled Sticker Pack designed by creative artist Austin Craig, in honor of their beloved 1-year old Ragdoll kitten, Mooncake. Add a bit of cheer (and not to mention, over the top expression!) throughout your day by allowing Mooncake to be part of your texting lives.

Please show your support by downloading it from the App Store today, and letting Mooncake be a part of your texting lives.

Thank you so much!


“Puuurrrfect in every way”


Source of Inspiration 


Mooncake is a sweet, affectionate, and extremely lovable 1-year old Ragdoll kitten who constantly waits by the front door for his parent’s return after a long day of work. He loves playing with water, which is evident by his choice of favorite hiding spots, the bathtub or the stink. In addition, he loves taking the time to explore boxes and bags (both inside and out). However, no matter how busy he is, he’ll always take the time to escort his parents around the house (just in case they need some emergency love). It’s worth mentioning that although Mooncake is an expert at catching flies within about 10 seconds of spotting one, it takes him 20 seconds to spot a treat that’s sitting right in front of him.

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