The primary focus of Stinky Geek Creations is to help creative artists earn via the publication of iOS Messaging Sticker Packs. There’s a ton of App Store requirements one must familiarize themself with (not to mention the amount of coding involved) just to publish an iOS Messaging Sticker Pack. Our team has already gone through all of this before, so let us relieve you of that burden.

With keeping in line the Vision of the company, in the beginning, we were extremely fortunate to partner with a talented Creative Artist, Danny Kim. In honor of his beloved pup who past away, he came up with the VERY FIRST iOS Messaging Sticker Pack titled, Gomi the English Bulldog. To return this most welcomed favor, we decided to not only publish his iOS Messaging Sticker Pack, but also further promote his talents by dedicating a space on this website for himself, as well as all future creative artists who decide to partner with us.

As previously mentioned, Stinky Geek Creations is all about establishing close partnerships with absolutely no money required – we split the profits between us right down the middle (of course, after Apple’s initial take of 30% and taxes).

So let’s join forces, and take the iOS Messaging Sticker Pack community by storm (as well as the creative/design arena). 18 simple images is all it takes to earn!!! You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain!!!



We’ve always been passionate about pursuing a business model where the key focus was based on creative talent, extremely close 50/50 partnerships, and ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY REQUIRED! With our technical expertise along with your creative talent, why shouldn’t we join forces???!


Clear, concise, and to-the-point!…not to mention, complete TRANSPARENCY into our day-to-day!!! All this, together with our efficient process, are sure to guarantee innovation and success.


To help you earn by doing whatever it takes to get your iOS Messaging Sticker Pack published – and above all, having FUN!

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