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Let Stinky Geek Creations bring your iOS Messaging Sticker Pack to life by taking care of all the boring App Store requirements – so you can focus on what matters most.

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Our #1 commitment at Stinky Geek Creations is ensuring that your iOS Messaging Sticker Pack makes its way into the App Store stress free.

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With our streamline process, your iOS Messaging Sticker Pack is guaranteed to make its way into the App Store without a hitch.

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Don’t worry about all the complicated lines of code and convoluted App Store logistics…let us handle that!!!


Greater exposure is always a plus! So let us help by promoting your creative talents.

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We’re in this together, so might as well get acquainted!






This is the fun part! Either use what you’ve already got lying around, or create something new – we’re sure that you’re dying to show off your creative talent. 18 simple images is all it takes!!!






Start earning once your iOS Messaging Sticker Pack is published into the App Store!




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